The darling web series “Ask Amy” with Amy Poehler is already on episode 11! Remember when she and her friends launched it back on July 2nd and for some reason I was in tears for loving her and her advice so much? My heart has hardened since then; or rather it did, then I watched the most recent episode, “Letting Go,” and found myself a sobbing mess using the sleeve of my new sweater as a tissue because I don’t have any tissues. I guess deep down I’m a 15-year-old who needs Amy’s advice, and needs it badly.

During this edition, a teenager wants to know how to get boys to like her. (What this girl needs to really know is that this will be a constant theme throughout her life, especially when it comes to the boys she really likes, because fellas can be a pain in ass. But I digress.) Actually, we can all be a pain in the ass.

This particular girl has tried everything and she’s just pretty much invisible to the boys in her classes. Amy, the advice giver of 2012, sweetly explains:

I have no advice for you as to how to get guys to notice you. I’ve never known how to get guys to notice me. I wouldn’t waste your time telling you my advice about that because I bet that everything that you have right now is everything that you need. And I bet you don’t need to change one thing about yourself.

Thank you, Amy! I know that’s what I needed to hear today!

She then goes on about how loving yourself makes you more attractive, how we should never try to be something we’re not, how letting go is an act of faith (reaching for the tissues yet?), and how in the New Year we should all let go and in doing so “the universe provides for you what was really meant to be.” The wisdom of it all!

By this point, either because you’re trying to figure out how to get boys to notice you in your own life, too, or because you’re seeing this as some sort of peace she’s making with her separation from Will Arnett, you should be crying. At least teary-eyed a wee bit? No. You’re crying; you’re bawling. It was the whole “what was really meant to be” part that did it, wasn’t it? Cry, cry, cry.

Watch the video. If you don’t get choked up, your new name for the rest of the year is Grinch Woman — and you don’t get to pass it off as your new name because you look awesome in green!

[youtube_iframe id=”4iCHN-PzUlU”]


Photo: YouTube