"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" - World Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

Is Andrew Garfield delusional enough that he thinks no one knows he’s dating Emma Stone? Is he implying that they broke up? Is he just irritated that he gave up his right to privacy when he put on the Spider-Man suit? Is everyone trying to create unnecessary gossip about attractive strangers? Who knew one short interview on the red carpet could prompt so many questions!

During yesterday’s London premier of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, both Emma and Andrew gave identical responses to some dumb “what kind of animal do you want to be” question at separate times. They’d both be birds. (Emma added that she wouldn’t be a goat because she doesn’t like goat cheese. Andrew added that he’d shit on bad people.) The interviewer saw their mutual birdness as indelible proof of their soulmatehood, telling Andrew, “Your girlfriend gave the same answer.” Andrew smiled and retorted,

Who’s my girlfriend? You’re making an assumption about my personal life. And my personal life is not public property. We’re acting together, yes.

Interesting. E! made the odd choice to describe his answer as “uppity” and said he was “annoyed,” but the video on their article makes it seem pretty obvious that he was being tongue-in-cheek. His facial expressions are a little too goofy for someone who’s actually pissed off. Still, we have to wonder if his noncommittal response to the reporter’s comment was just because he’s (reasonably) sick of strangers thinking they know the details of his personal life, or if everyone’s fantasy couple has downgraded to platonic friends who touch each other a lot.

We don’t care a super lot either way, since we don’t know them, but they certainly make an entertaining duo, both on and off the screen. Romantic or not, I hope someday they’ll both spend eternity dropping gray loads on reporters in bird heaven.

Via E! / Photo: Getty Images