In the breaking news of the day, a poll conducted by Newsweek and The Daily Beast has uncovered that problems in our lives do not exist in a vacuum; rather, when something goes wrong (or right!) in one area of our lives, the effects bleed over into other areas.

Let me give you an example, courtesy of said poll: because of this economy, and the fact that people aren’t finding work easily, they are getting pissed. And because they’re pissed, their marriages are suffering. The poll revealed that of those respondents whose anger is affecting their marriage, 57 percent say that their relationship is now worse.

Another area of people’s lives affected by their feelings about money? Sex.

At first, I half-thought that the poll was going to reveal that people’s sex lives were getting better because they’re angrier. Sometimes when you’re angry, you do want to fuck. Instead, of the 13 percent of respondents who said that their rage about work is affecting their sex lives, 63 percent said it made their sex drive lower.

Other interesting statistics are that Americans’ tenuous personal finances are causing stress to increase and sleep to decrease, and that many feel nervous about saving for their kids’ college funds, buying a house or starting a family.

The good news is that some people are taking this shitty situation and turning it into something good: 34 percent say that their marriage has become stronger. Yay for more communication, leaning on someone during tough times and learning that your partner doesn’t just love you for pimp juice. Well played, happy couples.