[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoTuA_CwuBA?fs=1]Anna Wintour might not be the first person who comes to mind when you hear the words “human rights campaign,” but she’s always been one to keep us on our toes. The thousand-year-old vampyre goddess/famed Vogue editirix recently took some time out from her busy schedule of editing fashion spreads and drinking the blood of the innocent to film a spot for the Human Rights Campaign’s New Yorkers For Marriage Equality initiative. Despite talking like she’s reading off of cue cards she’s just seeing for the first time, she still comes off as pretty sincere, which makes sense considering many of her male friends in the industry are gay. (Also, vampyre goddesses have huge, plaintive eyes.) I’m not sure why she doesn’t just glamour the New York State Senate into voting for it, but maybe she’s waiting for their upcoming fourth vote on the matter. (The State Senate has rejected it thrice before.)

Good job, Anna Wintour! Now if only we could get her to stop referring to human beings as “little houses” and tacitly supporting the predatory behavior of Terry Richardson, I might begin to like her a little bit.

Also, seriously: contact your legislators. It is absolutely fucking insane that the city that birthed the gay rights movement via the Stonewall riots over forty years ago still doesn’t give gay people the same rights under the law as straight people. Let’s fix this ridiculous thing.