Anne Hathaway is engaged. And while this is news to all of us today, the actress has actually been engaged to actor/jewelry designer Adam Shulman for a few months now. Which means that Star magazine was ahead of the game with speculation last week about what her wedding diet will be.

Over the weekend, Anne was reportedly photographed wearing a sparkly engagement ring (though the photo weirdly does not seem to exist online.) But even before that, Star was reporting that Anne has lost eight pounds on a miracle she’s reportedly calling “The Wedding Dress Diet”:

“Anne became vegetarian and began intensive weight training with a personal trainer over the summer,” a source said.

“She works out religiously five days a week for two hours. Anne has lost eight pounds on what she’s calling the ‘wedding dress diet’.

Meanwhile, Anne’s been a vegetarian for awhile. AND she was already on a pretty crazed diet this summer to train for her role as Cat Woman in the new Batman.

As she told Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately in August:

“I’m a vegetarian and right now, I’m living on kale and dust for the training. That catsuit’s unforgiving, man!”

Hopefully her wedding dress won’t be made of a similar spandex material. Or actually, hopefully it will? Because that sounds kind of amazing. Except for the dieting to get into it part.

(Photo: Getty)