wedding cake

Stock image of presumably kindly bakers who would happily make a cake for a gay wedding.

Bakers who will not make cakes for gay weddings – stop doing that. Why?

Well, first of all it’s mean. People who like cake should be able to have the kind of cake they want when harmlessly celebrating their love. If anything, you should be flattered that people came to you for such a thing, even though you are mean spirited homophobe. Let them eat cake. Just let them. Please. (Marie Antoinette was ahead of her time, and apparently, a deeply misunderstood fighter for equality).

Second, it’s bad business. There are going to be a lot of gay weddings. Tons. They’re going to need a lot of cakes. You don’t want to make that a market that you (literally) don’t cater to.

And three – it will get picked up in the press, and you will look like assholes, because you are behaving like assholes. 

Salon writes:

Erin Hanson and Katie Pugh asked Pam Regentin of Fleur Cakes to provide the cake for their Mount Hood wedding, but were turned away after Regentin realized they were gay, as Pugh told KATU News: “I mentioned Erin in passing, and said a ‘she’ in passing too, in the email. A few days later she called back … and verified it was a same-sex wedding.”

Shortly after, Regentin told the couple she would not bake the cake.

Oregon law mandates that businesses provide “full and equal accommodations without any distinction on account of race, color, religion, sex, or sexual orientation,” and a similar case is still being investigated by the state Labor Bureau.

So, I guess reason number four is “that’s not even legal.”

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