A few weeks ago, we scoffed at the notion that the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant, a rumor fueled by the fact that she had neglected to sample peanut paste during a royal tasting of UNICEF rations.

But now, a source close to the palace has supposedly leaked to In Touch magazine that the artist formerly known as Kate Middleton is indeed with child.

Official palace PR reps deny the rumor, telling the New York Daily News that, “We never confirm or deny these rumors. This is about the millionth [pregnancy] [sic] report we’ve had. If it were true, you’d hear the announcement from us and not a gossip magazine in the U.S.”

Burned. Except for the small fact that, as any royal watcher can tell you (and suddenly, I must count myself among them), there actually haven’t been a million pregnancy rumors. This is pretty much the first one, aside from the peanut incident, which would technically be referring to the same pregnancy anyway.