Yesterday, in the comment thread for the “would you like to get a proposal on a holiday?” post, the discussion veered toward something apparently called an “engagement anniversary.” While I’m familiar with normal anniversaries, I always assumed that they were intended to commemorate a marriage, not a proposal. Proposals are lovely and significant for the people involved, but I can’t imagine celebrating the anniversary of a proposal when a couple ultimately ends up getting married and thus having a more meaningful day to mark in their lives. Celebrating an engagement anniversary seems about as uneccessary as celebrating an “anniversary of the first day we kissed” or “anniversary of our first date.” While there are plenty of people who remember the dates for those events, remembering something and commemorating it are entirely different things. Having it be a special memory is reasonable, but expecting a party or a gift is just absurd.

That said, I’m sure the greeting-card industry will immediately begin manufacturing engagement anniversary cards, if they haven’t already.