aveIf there’s any truth to be learned from Axe Body Spray commercials, it’s that with one sniff of the stuff, the ladies will go wild with desire! They chomp at limbs of Axe-wearing dudes, fight each other off like tigers, and throw themselves in front of busses if that’s what it takes to find themselves in the arms of an Axe-wearing man. But now, marketing techniques aside, Axe is having the very opposite effect.

Freedom High School in Bethlehem says one of its students was recently hospitalized for exposure to Axe Body Spray. Now, officials are asking students to stop using it as a cologne or fragrance while attending the school.

If this were five years ago, I’d exclaim, “Oh snap!” Then high-five the closest person, but it’s not, so I won’t do such a thing.

However, how awesome is this? Not that a kid is sick, but that a company that prides itself on such overt sexuality has created something that actually put someone in the hospital? It’s so, oh what’s the word, FITTING. Yes, that’s it.

Let’s see if this news will have any effect on how Axe markets their upcoming lines of body spray: “Axe. It won’t kill you, but it could possibly put you in the hospital… which may lead to life support… but we can’t really say for sure.”

It’s totally going to fly off the shelves.

Via HuffingtonPost