Molly Mesnick, nee Malaney, is blogging for, a dating site for – you guessed it – Catholics. Since Molly isn’t a writer by trade, what makes her qualified to blog? Well, for one, she’s Catholic. For another, she’s matched! Molly met her husband, Jason Mesnick, when she was competing to win his heart on The Bachelor. If you missed it, the really interesting part happened when Jason proposed to someone else (Melissa Rycroft). Jason later dumped Melissa on national TV during the Bachelor reunion special and announced he was in love with Molly, who then popped up from behind the scenery to suck face with Jason. However, her Faith, Hope & Love (the name of CatholicMatch’s blog) bio doesn’t mention any of those things. Instead, it includes these mind-numbingly cheesy tidbits:

In 2008 she competed, amongst 24 other women, for the love of a man named Jason Mesnick. Molly ultimately won his heart, and they were married on Feb. 27, 2010.

Heh. “Ultimately.”

“I am so excited to share my experience in finding my soul mate,” Molly said of her partnership with Faith, Hope & Love. “Growing up with a strong Catholic background, it was important to me that I find someone who not only has great morals and values, but someone who I am proud to call my husband. Though I took an unconventional approach to find love, it is proof that God works in fascinating ways.”

My definition of “great morals and values” is “dumping someone on live TV,” too! Also, the dude she’s married to is divorced. I couldn’t care less, but I think Catholicism isn’t on board with that.

Molly has only written two posts so far, and both of them are about The Bachelor, so we’ll see if she has any advice about love and relationships to offer or if she was only recruited for her ‘celebrity’ status.