On Wednesday, Jennifer posted a publicity blast we’d both received concerning birds and how they should die (while you roll around in the subsequent “high profits”). I see her bird killing device and raise her: the Inside Snooker, which promises to “more stimulate vagina.” Here it is, unembellished.


Dear Sir

Apologize if we have intruded in any way.

Just share new design and try to looking for the cooperator.


Inside Snooker.. magical sex massage.


Magical experience:

No battery,360 degree Free whirl ball , TPR material.

1. Wear on penis, larger & more stimulate vagina & G-spot,

speed up & adding more femal climax.

also to prolong men’s climax.

2. With finger, 1 or several for perfect touch massage.

both massage clitoris & deep into G-spot.

3. Self use or couple’s massage.


How to use

1. Wear on penis middle around or you like.

2. Slowly into vagina and stop on the top, repeat 1~2 minute around or more.

3. full deep into, then pull and push each time about 1~1.5″ slow and repeat.


Design and production in Taiwan.


Looking forwarder to received your inquired.