When the wedding scene in “Breaking Dawn” started, my photographer friend sitting next to me in the theater leaned over and jokingly whispered, “that’s what you should do for your wedding!”

The reason that was a joke is that the wedding looked, on the surface, like it would probably run about $100,000. There were flowers poking out of each orifice and gently caressing every surface, Bella’s dress looked like it had hand-laid lace a la Kate Middleton, and the whole event seemed lit by pure magic (which is, I am taken to understand, expensive) giving it that all-over sheen that whispers, “money.”

None of this is surprising, of course, since the Cullens have been alive for hundreds of years and have ostensibly accumulated a ridiculous amount of wealth, hence the fancy cars, huge glass house, and private island.

But a recent estimate by Centives suggests that in fact, the wedding cost about $38,000. That, they point out, is just $10,000 above the national average of $27,800 in 2010.

But! There were a few things that this estimate fails to take into account, for instance: there was no food at Edward and Bella’s wedding. There appeared to be no alcohol either, except for the occasional glass of champagne. There was no photographer or videographer either, presumably because the groom and his family would have come out looking like human-shaped precious gems. [tagbox tag=”Breaking Dawn”]

In other words, the $38,000 estimate — which is reasonable by some standards and appallingly ostentatious by others — only accounts for the cost of the ceremony. If our lovely Bella and Edward had had a reception, which many people who get married do, they would have then needed to tack on the cost of alcohol, food, silverware, centerpieces, rented tables, rented chairs, a dance floor, servers, and so on.

In other words, my friend was right. Edward and Bella’s wedding was stupid expensive.

I guess that’s why you marry a 100-year-old vampire.

[via Jezebel]