Okay, Lola Versus The World comes out on Friday. We saw a screening yesterday, and it is charming. Oh my goodness, it is charming. I want Greta Gerwig to be my friend in the most ridiculous way. Here’s the trailer:


I know that you kind of hate watching things, so it’s basically about a 29 year old who is dumped by her fiance. It sounds like a really obvious premise, but it’s actually pretty charming and unexpected and not a typical romantic comedy. Also, there is a great scene where she breaks up with someone by reciting an entire monologue from The Godfather.

And all I could think was “wow, this is exactly the movie you should watch when you’re going through a break-up.” It’s one of those movies. So, if you’re going through a break-up, go to it. And then go home. And watch these movies.[ITPGallery]