Crowdsourcing: Help! What's Your Favorite Dating App (And Why)?

I am very bad at dating. Very, very bad indeed. I have this awful habit of dating people that I’ve been friends with for a decent amount of time, or have at the very least known for a few years. In fact, I’ve almost exclusively dated people from the same year at the same college for six years–before I went to that college. This is not something I am particularly proud of, especially when you consider the implications of nearly every single one of them being an emotionally unavailable stoner and myself being one of those profoundly naive “he can change…for me!” cheerleaders.

Lately, I’m trying to do the whole “normal person dating” thing and not just diving head-first into relationships with people I know better than to do so with. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve revisited an old flame and gone on a few dates, but I still feel like I’m just really bad at dating like a normal person in the 21st century.

One might argue that “dating like a normal person” does not necessarily include dating apps, but I think that it can be a very powerful tool to facilitate dating. Sure, it’s not the “old fashioned way,” but we are modern ladies who like to do modern things and sometimes, that includes swiping left and right to signify decisions.

Dear readers, I beg of you to inform me of your dating app knowledge: Which is your favorite dating app? And, presuming you have reasons, why?

Photo: Alan Cleaver/Flickr