The Most Attractive Men's Names Of All Time

Photo: Express Newspapers/Getty Images

Yesterday, we asked you to tell us what you think is the most attractive name for guys. You know, names that when you hear them, you’re just automatically into it; if your friend tried to set you up with a dude with this name, you would be like, “Yes, because those with that title are invariably attractive human beings and at the very least, this will begin an excellent affair.” Just as there are names you do not trust, and others are just silly, there are also names you just can’t help but love.

I made my own list of these last year, but I was curious to see how many of the ones I picked would line up with everybody else’s thoughts. From Dylan to NathanIan to Wesley, these are the most attractive names of all time, according to our readers. One of my favorite answers came not in the form of a name so much as a suffix, with Kate Hendricks responding, “Anything the 3rd.” A+ and ridiculously accurate, Kate.

So, what are the other most attractive male names ever? Let’s take a look, because if you happen to know somebody with any of these names (which you almost certainly do), it’s time to let them know that they are lucky enough to have been gifted with a Hot Person Name. And be sure to check out our list of the 30 hottest female names, too!