horror icons in lighthearted movies

I am obsessed with horror movies, and have been ever since I watched all the then-existing Nightmare On Elm Street films when I was in the second grade. Could this explain why I have freakishly long fingernails naturally? Probably. But I digress.

Horror movies are spectacular, but sometimes, I just wish I could take the evil people and put them into movies involving kittens. I mean, obviously only if they would behave themselves, preferably removing their masks and claws prior to holding said kitten, allowing the kitten to playfully crawl up their arms, then skeddadle after a pastel ball of yarn, as kittens tend to do.

And what of romance? What of romance for these crazy cast-killing kids? Well, there is now an amazing Tumblr that casts all our favorite monsters and aliens as characters we probably like better than the real ones sweethearts in regular movies that your mom would dig. It’s called “Horror Icons Starring In Light-Hearted Movies,” and it is my new favorite place on the Internet.

Obviously, it would be ridiculous to post all of them when you should really just follow the actual Tumblr because it is amazing, but here are some of my favorites. Thank you, Internet, for never failing to make my stupid, banal, lifelong dreams come true.

Photos: Tumblr[ITPGallery]