divorce cake

When two people go through a divorce, they are often unable to maintain a level of civility that is measurable by standards other than “Will Resist Urge To Run Over All Possessions With FilthyTruck.” But oftentimes, people still have feelings for one another — even after the sustainability and mutually beneficial nature of the relationship have evaporated. So, when you wish to show you do not positively hate the other person, what do you get him or her for their birthday?

Well, according to a brief Reddit post, this guy’s “soon to be ex-wife” bought him a cake for his birthday that simply says, “Sorry about the divorce!” This may be just a silly Internet stunt, but I really hope it isn’t because silly little acts like this can be indicative of a positive relationship in the future of a split-up pair. Sure, the two may not wind up happily ever after, but at least they’re on speaking terms. In fact, they’re event better than on speaking terms: they’re on cake terms.

In the sad event you find your marriage (or other kind of partnership) ending, there are plenty of ways you can say, “I don’t hate you.” Here are a few of them.

[Photo via Reddit; H/T TheFrisky][ITPGallery]