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In case the abundance of red and pink decorations, chocolates in heart-shaped boxes and sexy lace lingerie didn’t clue you in, it is going to be Valentine’s Day in a couple weeks, and you’ll soon get the familiar feeling of dread. You probably experience the same thing every year, that feeling of having no idea what to get your partner/Tinder hookup/that special someone, that isn’t completely cheesy or cliche. If you don’t want to see 50 Shades Of Grey with your partner, or go out to a restaurant with every other couple, try one of these things. They might seem cheesy, but they’re definitely not as bad as painting each others portrait with Celine Dion playing in the background.

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Here are 11 things you can do for Valentine’s Day:

1. Make something together.Team Work GIF

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It’s no fun when one person slaves away in the kitchen attempting to make a gourmet meal, or if one person spends hours making a hand-painted pop-up card and the other person sends an E-card. It might seem silly to make something together, but it’s time spent together, and if it doesn’t turn out, one person won’t be horribly upset about how they ruined V-Day.

2. Have a movie night at home.Movie GIF

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This probably sounds like your usual watch-Netflix-and-order-takeout date night, but if you like doing it, why change? Just because it is Valentine’s Day it doesn’t mean you have to watch romantic movies. If you love slasher films, watch those while eating heart-shaped chocolates.

3. Take a class together.Learning Fail GIF

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What is something you’re both interested in? Whether you both like films, traveling or books, there is probably a course that you can take together. i.e, If you’re both foodies, take a cooking class together. No, it doesn’t have to be a couple’s-only course.

4. Have dinner in bed.Lady And The Tramp GIF

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Breakfast in bed could be a regular occurrence for you, but have you ever eaten dinner in bed? Forget about the fancy dresses and suits, and keep your clothes relaxed. Furthermore, try to choose things that won’t make a messy everywhere (read: spaghetti). If you’re still worried about spilling everything on your sheets, you can always have dinner on your couch.

5. Go to a hotel.Elf GIF

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Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, so if you want a change of scenery, it’s the perfect time to get away. If you’re not in the mood for travel, and you’re feeling decadent, get a hotel room in a completely different neighborhood. You’ll still feel like you went away, and you won’t feel obligated to leave your room to go sight-seeing.

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6. Create a scavenger hunt.Lost GIF

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If someone says they created a romantic scavenger hunt, it is difficult to stifle the groans. A scavenger hunt is great for indecisive couples that like to try different things. Why go to one place when you can go to all of your faves?  It doesn’t need to be super cheesy with rhyming clues, just give your partner a map with the spots numbered and enjoy going to them all.

7. Go out and enjoy the snow.101 Dalmations GIF

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If Snowmageddon taught us anything, it’s that the snow brings out the romantic (and horny) sides of people. If you have snow in our area, put on your boots and a warm hat and have a proper snow day. Just remember to have some hot chocolate or Baileys for when you come inside to warm up.

8. Make your own chocolates.Chocolate Box GIF

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Do you both have a sweet tooth? Forget about the mediocre store-bought chocolates and make your own. You get to sample as many as you like, and your box will be a million times better than what you would have bought–even if they don’t look 100% professional.

9. Create a spa at home.Cat Spa GIF

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I’m not talking about giving each other mud masks, but if you want to do that, go right ahead. Instead of giving each other quick back rubs while you’re focusing on watching TV, put some effort into it, and actually concentrate. It’s much better than doing a couple’s spa package and looking at each other as strangers with cold hands remove the kinks from your back.

10. Book a wine or beer tasting class.Wine GIF

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Instead of spending money on an expensive bottle of champagne you may or may not like, choose your favorite type of drink and go on a tasting class. Whether you like winebeer, or something else, there is one for you.

11. Have an anti-Valentine’s Day celebration.Tina Fey Valentines Day GIF

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If you’re one of those couples who hates the idea of Valentine’s Day because every single day should be about showing your love, not just on some commercial holiday blah blah blah…have your own anti-Valentine’s Day party, and play up the irony of pretending not to celebrate V-Day, by calling it another name.