In the most tabloid-y thing we’ve seen since Tan Mom, an Oklahoma woman named Betsy Brashear was arrested last week after allegedly trying to seduce a 15-year-old boy by way of a tanning bed. A tanning bed tryst, if you will.

The story goes that Brashear, 24, lured the teen into a gym tanning room, removed her clothing and began kissing him. The boy’s mother–who’d noticed Brashear flirting with her son earlier–asked nearby gym members to “keep an eye out” (how is this real?) for illicit stuff.

Sure enough, a good gymaritan (HA) witnessed the pair enter the tanning room and informed the boy’s mother. She promptly went to find them and, when the boy answered the door, she spotted Brashear, apparently trying to hide. Brashear was wearing “nothing but a sports bra.”

When police arrived, Brashear claimed she was aware of the boy’s age but didn’t think it was a big deal to kiss him (!). She was charged with lewd acts with a minor, her bond set at $20,000.

Now we need to come up with a nickname for her! HuffPo had Tanning Temptress.

(Daily Mail)