Are you confused about whether or not using birth control makes you a total slut? Stop being confused about that, and stop listening to Rush Limbaugh. You have a right to take whatever family planning steps you want without crazy people judging you. And if you self-identify as a slut (although personally I really, really hate that term) then good for you for using birth control. Way to be responsible. Jessica Scott will help you remember that with the #iamnotaslut tag, wherein people explain their reasons for using birth control other than being total godless sluts. Here’s Jessica’s take on the situation:

Calling me and every woman who chooses when to have children a slut will not change the fact that we are responsible citizens who opt to plan their families, who opt to take responsibility for their lives as women and members of our society. And yes, call me a whore because I still expect Tricare to cover my birth control and my pap smear and my government mandated annual std exam.

There are other things I would prefer to be called. You may call me many things but that does not negate the things I call myself.

You could call me a Mom, because I have two beautiful daughters who I want to grow up knowing their full potential is between their ears, not their legs. You could call me Soldier, because I love wearing my nation’s uniform and it is an honor to serve. You could call me Author, because I managed to write a book that people read. You could call me a Wife, because I’ve been with the same man for fifteen years. You could call me a Friend because I’m there, for laughs or for tears. Any of those things define me so much better than the singular hatred of calling me a slut because I use birth control.

But go ahead. Call me a slut. It doesn’t make me one.

We couldn’t have said it better. Look! And here are some pretty strong reasons for wanting birth control that should be obvious to people of either political party: