crazy old man

This morning an attentive reader sent us this article from Men’s Fitness explaining that the minute you go off the pill, you’re pretty much going to divorce your lame husband. Unless he grows a beard! Women never make decisions about who to spend their lives with based on actual intellectual preferences.


Without artificial hormones, women tend to be attracted to men with high testosterone levels—the rugged ones with the strong jawline and copious amounts of facial hair. Also the kind of men who tend to cheat more on their girlfriend and are worse at providing for a family.

This may not seem like a problem, but a woman’s taste in men may change after she stops taking the pill. This is supported by previous studies, which found that women who went off their birth control found their husband less attractive and sexually exciting. Probably not the honeymoon gift he was looking for.

I asked about this. “When I was on the pill, I dated three guys who turned out, at one point, to have been in gangs,” said one friend of mine.

Huh. When I was on the pill I dated three guys who turned out, at one point, to have worked at Goldman. It’s pretty exciting to think about the rugged alpha-male types we’d have gone for if not for floating on a ladylike hormone cloud. These guys: