Polygamist Kody Brown, of “Sister Wives” fame, has extended an invitation to Brad Pitt to join his large-and-in-charge family, should the actor ever want to do so.

“If there was going to be a brother husband, I would ask Brad to join the family,” Brown told the Huffington Post.

As far as we know, Pitt has never expressed a desire to join a polygamous family, but maybe Brown knows something we don’t. Sure, it might be career suicide for the actor, but think of all he stands to gain! He wouldn’t have a measly 6 children anymore — he’d have a full 16.

Another notable point to be made here is that, who knew that there was such thing as a “brother husband”? I know I’ve used the phrase jokingly, but maybe there really is such a thing.

At any rate, I hate to say it, but Brown can get in line for people whose imaginary boyfriend is Brad Pitt. A long, long list of ladies and gents have staked their claim ahead of you, buddy.