Bradley cooper sexiest man hangoverI realize that I am in the minority when I feel that Bradley Cooper is sexier than Ryan Gosling, and it’s mostly about loving the movie Limitless (because I like movies where people wear suits and are genius writers) but I feel like his recent quote really backs up my feelings. Bradley claims:

“It’s so awful that I’m admitting this, but the hell with it: There was such a backlash when they announced it [The People Magazine sexiest man cover, from people who love] Ryan Gosling, who I love, and I just made a movie with him and he’s the greatest. And when I say ‘friend,’ I mean me alone, looking at the computer. It’s [paparazzi shots of Gosling] walking around, and he literally looks like he’s in a photo shoot, like he just came off the runway. The peacoat is like this, with the scarf! And then there’s ones of me, and I literally look like the neighbor who never comes out of his house.”

Would Ryan Gosling be that humble and self efacing? Probably! We’ve established that he’s kind of a boy scout! Whatever. I think people who stay inside all the time watching Limitless are the coolest. You?

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