Dune SandwormThere are a million ways I’m considering working the whole, “It’s not brain surgery” into this post. I can’t decide on one. Really, there’s just too much irony here.

I’m going to try to relate this story to you in the most non-snarky and straight-forward way possible. And it’s still going to be hysterical.

Dr. Steven Carr is a brain surgeon, which I assume means a neurosurgeon, from Colorado. While vacationing in Naples, Florida with his girlfriend, he planned the perfect wedding proposal. He buried the engagement ring in the sand, planning to have his girlfriend “find it” and thereby surprise her and pop the question. Except he must not have had a very coherent strategy on how to mark the place where he buried his diamond. To no one’s surprise but his, the ring was lost.

After random strangers helped search for the ring to no avail, Carr hired a service to come use metal detectors to find the ring. Don’t worry, after all this mess, Carr’s bride-to-be said yes.

What else is there to say here, other than some lame stereotype about book smart people having no common sense. Congrats to Mr. Brain Surgeon and his soon-to-be wife.

(Photo: Fanboy)