It was about the time that the bars let out in New York City last night, when I got a call from Tattoo Guy. He was clearly drunk and feeling really bad for himself.

From the moment I first met Tattoo Guy, his number one flaw was that he has absolutely zero confidence in his work, you know, because he’s “just a tattoo artist” — his words not mine. Honestly, I’m sick of these men in my life who question their talent. It’s not my job to try to convince these people otherwise — I have my own insecurities with which to contend.

So there he is on the phone going on about how much his life sucks like a 15-year-old and when he finally asks what’s going on with me, I tell him. My brother-in-law’s sister has stage four cancer; she’s currently in the ICU and frankly, it’s not going well at all. I explained that while I’m trying very hard to enjoy my trip, the fact is there is definitely a dark cloud on this visit and it’s been really difficult emotionally. I also told him that Aurora shootings, a town from where my brother-in-law is from, has also been a source of sadness and stress for him, on top of his sister. Tattoo Guy’s response? “She’s lucky.” I wasn’t sure who was lucky or why, so I asked for him to clarify. Apparently, because his life is so fucking awful, he said my brother-in-law’s sister is lucky that she’s sick and “especially lucky” that there’s a good chance she is not going to make it.

I was stunned. I didn’t even know what to say. I get that he was drunk, but who says that? And because that wasn’t enough, he also told me he’s married. Yep. Although it’s supposedly for a green card, the dude is fucking married. So I dropped some profanities at him, called him the prick he is, and told him to delete my number, because that’s exactly what I was going to do, and did, the second I got off the phone.

It’s always a lot of fun when the people you thought just may have been better than the rest, actually turn out to be shit. I had really hoped we could be friends, but if that’s how he really is, I have enough friends and don’t need anymore.