A study published today in the UK has some interesting stats about women and sex. Among the findings:

  • 98 percent of men and women rate sex as “important”
  • 60 percent say that “a partner’s touch” helps them to feel less stressed and more relaxed
  • 90 percent of women surveyed said that they prefer, for a variety of reasons, to let a male partner take the lead in initiating sex
  • 54 percent of women said that they found it awkward or uncomfortable to discuss contraception with their partner
  • 51 percent of women said that social networking sites like Facebook took up more of their time and attention than their sex drive

Because this study was published in the Daily Mail (a right-leaning paper that Jezebel.com likes to call “The Daily Fail”), I’m taking it with several grains of proverbial salt. However, the one stat that really sticks out for me is the one about contraception. After a marathon of MTV’s reality show 16 and Pregnant, I’ve seen teenager after teenager report that they forgot or didn’t bother with contraception. But this study was supposedly interviewing adult women. I have a hard time believing that so many sexually active mature women would feel “awkward” discussing contraception with the person they were having sex with. I mean, not to sound too much like my high school copies of Seventeen magazine or anything, but if you’re not mature enough to talk about condoms with someone then you’re not mature enough to be having sex with them in the first place. What up, British ladies in this 1,000-person samples?