Ladies and gentlemen, Ashley Madison has competition.

In case you’re not familiar, Ashley Madison is a website that offers to hook up marrieds with other marrieds, all of whom are looking to have a discreet affair. In other words, it’s a dating website for the most spineless individuals on the planet.

Now, the UK has created its own version, and a site called has begun putting up billboards in otherwise adorable British towns. Only there, instead of waiting for angry bloggers such as myself to sound off on the egregiousness of it all, people who’ve found their own partners trolling the site have defaced the ads all on their own.

In one neighborhood, three notes have been tacked up to an billboard, reading:

“My cheating girlfriend is on this dating site, [signed] Rob.”

“I have just found my cheating Husband on this web site.”

“My husband is having an affair on here!! [signed] Lucy.”

Of course, I have to point out how unintentionally amusing it is that these spurned lovers are such good people at heart that they took the time to write down their vandalism on a piece of paper, get out the tape and carefully attach it to the billboard, such that it could be easily taken down later, instead of wielding an angry can of spray-paint or even a sharpie.

Also, it does beg the question as to what they were doing on the site in the first place that led them to find their partners, but perhaps we’re supposed to assume that they were just engaging in some good old-fashioned snooping.

At any rate, I support the pseudo-vandalism, because I’m not a fan of cheating. If you want to have an affair you need to sack up and say something to your partner, or just get out of the relationship. Lying, sneaking, going behind people’s back, not so cool.