Cameron Diaz photographed topless in the Caribbean

As somebody who is going through a bit of a rough patch dating-wise, I can always appreciate a bit of decent advice from a celebrity whom I often respect. In this case, it’s Cameron Diaz, who has said mostly (mostly) awesome things as of late and she’s back to talk all about dating, friendship and sexy sex times. Which is great, because I just reactivated my stupid OKCupid account (but more on that later).

Diaz told The Mirror her thoughts on the idea that women need to be monogamous–and that we need a relationship with a man, in general:

“For some reason, we get into relationships and we expect one man to understand ‘all’ the parts of us and meet all of those needs. I think that’s where everything fails.”

When asked whether she felt having more than one partner could be better, she quipped, “Why not? Why would that be so bad?”

Oh, and in case you forgot, despite the Daily Mail‘s best efforts to pit she and her costars against one another, Diaz is still killing it on the pro-friendship front.

“We can have all of these girlfriends, all of these friendships. I know with my girlfriends I do totally different things with each one of them. There are different commonalities in each one of them and when I want to do those certain things, I can go to that girlfriend and we do those things together.”

I used to be a highly codependent person who hated casual dating and being single. Sure, I loved my friends and never ditched or ignored them in favor of my partner, but I always relied heavily on whomever I was dating for support rather than myself and my other loved ones. Having a mindset more like Diaz’s can be so beneficial to your life (seriously, it has improved mine tremendously, even post-heartbreak). So, once again, high five to Cameron Diaz!

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