We were checking out TheFrisky’s list of relationship dealbreakers and we came across one very special one. U vs. You. Our grandparents didn’t have to worry about that sort of thing.

Now, there seems like something odd and schoolmarmish about actually not dating someone because they always write “u” instead of you, but at the same time, doesn’t that show that they’re sort of lazy? It takes what, maybe two more seconds to type a “y” and an “o”? If they’re capitalizing the “u” I’d really imagine it actually takes the same amount of time.

I wouldn’t say that it would make us rule out the possibility of being with someone just based on that one flaw, but hey, there’s a much greater probability that we’ll respond to a text that says “what are you doing right now?” than one that reads “wut U doin?’ It’s just a courtesy thing – I like that someone takes the time to formulate a proper sentence.

Are abbreviations a dealbreaker for you? Or do you just see them as a handy time-saving device?