Detroit Pistons v New York Knicks

Remember last month when Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez got wasted in the front row at a basketball game and were photographed making out? The internet did what the internet does, and as soon as the pictures found their way onto Instagram, approximately a kazillion blogs were speculating about the nature of their relationship. Are they LESBIANS? Are they straight friends pretending to be LESBIANS?? Are they trying to turn all the world’s youth into LESBIANS??? Are they two people you’ve never met whose physical affection towards each other has no effect on your life whatsoever????

Not that they owe anyone an explanation (I’m a firm believer that you can be a successful model without forfeiting your right to have sloppy makeouts in public places, as long as you’re not hurting anybody), but it turns out that Rodriguez and Delevingne’s relationship is less about bringing a Katy Perry song to life and more about love. Michelle recently told The Mirror that she and Cara are dating:

It’s going really well. She’s so cool. When we started hanging out I just thought she was awesome, and we have the best time together. She’s hard though. You wouldn’t want to mess with her in a fight.

First of all, that part about Cara being scary in a fight? You don’t have to tell me twice. After that ultra weird video she made for Christmas, I’m kind of terrified of her in general. Second of all, awww. I’m glad they’re happy.

The pessimist in me is worried that the media is going to ruin their relationship by making too big a deal out of it, and I’m of course anxious that this news will bring all kinds of internet-trolling homophobes out of the woodwork, and there’s always the fear that people will try to give both parties– who identify as bisexual– dumb, constrictive labels that they didn’t ask for. The optimist in me, however, is pumped that we live in a time and place where Michelle and Cara at least have the option to be themselves in public.

Let’s do their relationship a favor– let’s get our celebrating out of our systems (HOORAY!) and then let’s leave them alone.

Via Buzzfeed / Photo: Getty