'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' - UK Premiere - Red Carpet ArrivalsIt’s extremely out of character for me to be into a celebrity man like Channing Tatum, but some dudes are so charming, funny and babely that I’m willing to go against “my type.” When I first saw Magic Mike (2012), Tatum really won me over with his many skills. And also his bod. He’s America’s real sweetheart, sorry Jennifer Lawrence!

Look at Channing Tatum go!

Male stripping is mostly hilarious (damn double standards), but funny is sexy.
He makes grinding on the floor look easy.
Same goes for humping the air. Hate to be one of the myriad humans who objectify him, but look at his bod. 

Aww. Sorry!
This is the first time I haven’t hated a man wearing a necklace.
Yeah! Take it off, Tatum. YEAH! YEAH! WOOOOO! I won’t say he’s pulling off that backwards cap, but I am saying that we can look beyond it.

I’m very conflicted about this next GIF. That hat is truly unforgivable, but PUPPY. A plain white shirt and a puppy are much easier on the eyes.

Who doesn’t love to see a celebrity tongue?I’m pretty sure there was a period of about two years where he was contractually obligated to expose his abdomen. He can pull off silly outfits.
Even if he wasn’t standing front and center, Mr. Tatum would be the star. There are magic birds flying out of his tuxedo. This isn’t even from Magic Mike (2012). Sometimes he even hangs out shirtless with adorable cats while eating delicious pizza.No, you look beautiful today, Channing Tatum!

Call me!

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