This is how you make your partner feel when you cheat. Jerk.

This is how you make your partner feel when you cheat. Jerk.

It’s the worst, but it happens: cheating. While some of us will live our entire lives and never know the pain that comes with being cheated on, others will not be so lucky.

If your partner does come clean and admits that they cheated, whether it be once, multiple times with different people or, even worse, an ongoing lengthy affair, you have to make a choice. Do you stay with this person? Do you run like hell? Do you forgive and forget? What’s your next move? That’s your call.

Yesterday HuffPo Women had a piece on how to have sex again with your partner after they’ve cheated. How do you get that intimacy back? How do you move past the mistake that was made and learn to get the sex on like you did before? The post gave some great tips, but honestly, fuck that shit. You cheat on me, you’re not getting back in these knickers.

However, depending on your living situation, and maybe even the fact that you’re mulling over whether or not you want to forgive, you may be faced with a partner who still wants to have sex with you. HuffPo may tell you how to have sex again after being cheated on, but I’m here to tell you how to avoid fucking your partner who fucked you over and treated your heart like, as Hannah Horvath would say, monkey meat.

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