Watch the ad above. Now, did you see anything offensive? Any families being ripped apart or humanity decaying before your very eyes or pink being worn with red? Anything offensive? It’s like a Rorschach test! Except I’m trying to figure out what the hell people are so upset about. I’m going to guess the answer is “no,” because the ad was an incredibly average, “look at how cute this kid is, also buy our product” commercial for Cheerios. However, plenty of folks find the element of an interracial family offensive. Yes, really. In 2013.

Comments were reportedly getting so racist and bigoted that they had to be suspended. The discussion is still rolling onward via Reddit, so if you feel like voicing a complaint against this ad, then please, peace off our site and go get e-livid there. To be fair, many of the comments’ sentiments are just, “Meh,” but there’s also plenty of folks complaining about the specific mix of white woman/black man as opposed to different interracial combinations, as well as others still who have issues with the idea as a whole.

As I’ve mentioned before, I come from parents in an interracial marriage, and as a result, I am admittedly rather defensive about the idea that somehow, two people shouldn’t be together because of how they look, where they’re from or what label people decide to slap on them. But lately, I have seen an increase in television shows with interracial relationships, and that is a wonderful thing; considering how many people have been or presently are in them, it’s important for the entertainment industry, as well as marketers, to not simply ignore the existence of interracial partners.

Advertising has been lagging with regard to this (hey, maybe they’ll compete with the fashion industry to be the slowest turtle!), so it was nice to see an ad like this for a large company. Despite the awful response from some, I’m sure it was given two thumbs up by many, many more people — or, perhaps even better, went totally unnoticed because it shouldn’t be an issue whatsoever.