So Doug Hutchison, 51, and Courtney Stodden, 16, the newlyweds who have become infamous for their age difference, gave their first interview to “Good Morning America” today. In it, they discuss the fact that they are loathed by much of humanity, that she was a virgin when they got married (of course), and that contrary to popular belief, they’re soul mates.

Even with all that uncomfortable information, though, the worst part about the interview isn’t the content of the conversation, but Stodden’s uncomfortable and overcompensating behavior.

For instance: after Hutchison says that his “world was turned upside down” when he found out how old she was, she lets out a loud laugh. She does the same thing as he explains that they met without seeing one another, and then once more while he’s assuring the public that he had the approval of her parents.

In other words, beneath all that hair and make-up, there lurks a normal, nervous teenager.

But as if to draw attention away from her nerves, she does something very odd for a 16-year-old girl: she writhes. Literally.

And there’s the rub. Stodden’s actions are so exaggerated that it’s hard to believe this situation reflects anything she genuinely understands, let alone wants.

So from where I sit in my psychologist’s armchair, it’s depressing. That said, enjoy the fucking video. I’m going to go drink.

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