Normally when I think of Chris Brown I think “that guy who beat up his girlfriend.” My second reaction used to be “I think he’s also a musician.” But now, my second reaction is “and the guy who thinks a good fat stripper name is Sloppy Hoe.” First off, Sloppy Hoe isn’t that good, so, just points off for creativity there. I like Ore”hoe a little more, but that’s not the point.

In case you’re not on Twitter every single second, FatStripperNames is a trending topic. Chris Brown is really, really into it.

Now, normally, that wouldn’t strike me as that big a deal. Yes, the idea of coming up with fat stripper names is a little  offensive to begin with, but it mostly seems to just be people making up silly rhymes. I’m sure if Ian McKellen was sitting around coming up with FatStripperNames this post would be all about how hilarious that was (it’s funny because Gandalf The Grey + any kind of strippers + “you shall not pass!” = instant hilarity).

But when one of the first things people associate with you is “wife beater, has no respect for women” you might want to lay off the ore”hoes.  Really, it’s probably a good idea not to refer to women as “hoes” for, say, the rest of your career. Yes, even if you’re only joking.

Or, at the very least, don’t do it more than once. He has 22 suggestions as I’m typing this. Here are some of our least favorite of Chris Brown’s tweet’s thus far:

(Here, Chris is most likely referring to Dicken’s “Little Dorrit” a classic tale of greed and desire, because no one would just tack “hoe” onto ever junk food ending with “o” right?)