If you want to be a Bridezilla, but spent so much on your dress that there’s nothing left over to pay for renting a space, here’s a solution: get married inside your favorite retail chain. Recent weddings have taken place inside places like TJ Maxx, Taco Bell, Home Depot, and a liquor store.

Here’s a list of locations I will consider if I ever get married someday:

  • Target – I spend enough money there that they should really comp me a wedding.
  • Bojangle’s – Because their chicken and biscuits would make for perfect reception food.
  • Wegman’s – Our intern Julia (who is from upstate New York) points out that they have anything you would need for a wedding, so it’s a plus for forgetful brides.
  • The Body Shop – It would make your wedding smell pretty.
  • Burger King – Now that they have brunch, why not class up the joint even further?
  • Beauty Bar – You and your bridesmaids could get all gussied up and there’s booze.
  • Whole Foods – Blisstree deputy editor Briana Rognlin notes that the key to a great wedding is good food and drink, so with a WF wedding you’d be good to go.