Good taste wasn’t the only thing that suffered during Kim Kardashian’s wedding (zing!). According to TMZ, one unlucky couple happened to not just be getting married in the same town on the same weekend as Kim and Kris, but also put their guests up in the same hotel.

Matt Hornbuckle and Christy Kirschenmann found this out the hard way when their friends and loved ones attempted to exercise their God-given right to booze it up in the name of love:

The Hornbuckle-Kirschenmann wedding rehearsal took place on Friday — but when guests rolled up to the hotel bar afterwards for a round of cold ones, they were TURNED AWAY.

Inside sources tell TMZ, the bar had been shut down to make room for the media covering the Kardashian wedding nearby.

We’re almost amazed that that they were let in the hotel at all. The Kardashians must have been feeling generous.