explaining cockblocking to grandma and grandpa

Even if you consider yourself a fan of high brow comedy, some dumb things are just indisputably funny. Stupid photobombs are funny. Kim Kardashian pretending to be a normal, average human being is funny. When people lose their money to all-too-obvious internet scams, it’s kind of sad… but mostly funny. Another thing that always manages to crack me up? Old people using modern slang.

If that kind of humor works for you, I guarantee you’ll be a fan of Explaining Things to My Grandfather— a webseries in which one young dude, Ethan Cole, sits down with his grandpa and introduces him to words like “sexting” and “molly.” The newest episode is my favorite one yet. “Okay, so if you heard the term ‘cockblocking,” Ethan asks, “what would you think it meant? What do you think that word could refer to?”

After making the reasonable assumption that it means “cutting off somebody’s penis,” Ethan’s grandpa is slowly introduced to the reality of cockblocking, which he fondly remembers as being called “cutting in” back in the day. When asked if he could see himself incorporating ‘cockblocking’ into his vocabulary, Grandpa tells us, “I could adjust to that, yeah.” Adorable.

But wait– it gets even better. Ethan brings in his grandmother for a cameo, and after she hears about the atrocity that is the cockblock, she has a few choice words for Ethan’s buddies. She even dials some of them up, telling some poor sap’s voicemail,

David, I have a very important message for you. This is Ethan Cole’s grandmother, and I would very much appreciate if you would stop cockblocking my grandson. I find it very inappropriate and terrible. Thank you.

I also find it very inappropriate. And terrible. Also unbelievably hilarious. Thank you, YouTube gods, for this incredible gift.

Via HyperVocal / Photo: YouTube