I don't think we even need to discuss just how wrong this video was...

Our partner site, YourTango, is all about putting women and their self-confidence first. Through experts, videos and personal accounts, YourTango delves deep into the crevices of love and relationships and does their best to help women expand upon their self-awareness, self-reliance and overall sexual and emotional health.

In an effort to really get women thinking about themselves and their relationships, YourTango is launching “Irresistible You” today. “Irresistible You” is a 12-day long initiative that’s designed to help women get in touch with their irresistible side and harness it to make themselves more confident and happy. Confidence does equal happiness after all.

Until July 27th, you’ll have ample opportunity  to douse yourself in “irresistible” things that will make you realize just how unforgettable — and irresistible — you truly are. You can’t truly love someone else until you love yourself, so in realizing your worth you’re setting yourself up for success in relationships and love.

And to make sure you’re really getting yourself into “irresistible” mode, you can sign up for YourTango‘s newsletter and receive the eBook, Irresistible You free. Stocked full of tips, advice and fun the eBook is just another bit to add to your own personal initiative to get your confidence skyrocketing. Also be sure to check out the “Irresistible You” users guide so you can be on the up and up as to how to get yourself feeling all awesome and such.

During this shared initiative with YourTango, we here at TheGloss will also be giving you our lowdown on what makes one irresistible, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for that. In the meantime, watch Robert Palmer and company epitomize the 80’s with spandex and swaying hips.

[youtube_iframe id=”UrGw_cOgwa8″]


Photo: YouTube