Do you ever find yourself getting down with somebody and realize you lack a condom, but you’re too tipsy to drive to the store and unwilling to wake up your stupid roommate? Oh, that doesn’t happen to people all the time? Okay, well, it’s pretty much The Worst, so the fact that there’s now a condom delivery app for iPhones is — in my mind — The Best. For goodness’ sake, I don’t even feel like getting out of bed when all I want is crackers from my cupboard, let alone running down to a store to get condoms as my shirt’s off and inhibitions about my Jennifer Lawrence-esque boobs let down.

Fortunately, condom brand Durex has created SOS Condoms, a “public service application” which allows users to order condoms as needed and half them discreetly delivered within the hour. Awesome, right?

Their ad is a little silly, though:

While I’m not sure asking if somebody to use a condom is “that terrible question,” I do sympathize with the feeling that whenever you don’t need a condom, you have about a billion lying around your room, accidentally poking out when you have a study group over (again, does this not happen to people all the time?), but when you actually need one, you might as well use some Saran wrap and a Ziploc bag.

The app, developed with Buzzman, basically just requires you to choose a package from their selected range, drop a pin showing where you are and a delivery person will come bring you protection. Brilliant, right? It’s offered between the hours of 4pm and 4am — good news for the bar crowd, not-so-great for the people who enjoy unplanned morning sex or afternoon delights.

Granted, the service is presently only available in Dubai, but they’re expanding! If you post on their Facebook requesting a specific location, they may come to your area next.

In all seriousness, I think this is an amazingly intelligent app idea. I know so many people who — though normally responsible — have occasionally said “fuck it” with a partner, whether new or committed, regardless of a lack of protection. A condom delivery service could truly help prevent so many STDs and pregnancies; this, as Gizmodo points out, could actually change the world.

Screenshot via PSFK.