Got sex?

Got sex?

I spend a lot of time walking in Paris. While I love to take the metro because it actually has cell phone service and, as a New Yorker, I think this is amazing, I’m much more at home wandering the streets. I’m also trying to lose the extra poundage I picked up between Hurricane Sandy and the holidays.

Although I had never noticed it before, Paris is covered in condom dispensers on the streets. I’m not sure why I never noticed this (maybe it’s the arrondissement in which I’m living), but I’m finding Durex condom dispensers in the most random spots. Yesterday I found one outside a grocery store; you know, in case you want to have a quick fuck before you pick up some milk and eggs. The other day I saw one on a major boulevard between a travel agency and an empty store front; you know, in case you want a quick fuck before you book your trip out of town. They’re everywhere and it’s great.

While condom dispensers, and even free baskets of them in bathrooms in New York City are not uncommon, to find a dispenser just hanging out there is the open is pretty awesome. Paris is not turning a blind eye to the fact that people have sex, and they want those who are doing it, to do so safely.

I realize America is still very far behind a lot of the European cultures when it comes to being open about sex, sexuality, fucking and all the fun related to it, but I strongly feel that if we could get over our puritan roots, this generation and generations to follow will be better for it. Planned Parenthood isn’t open 24 hours a day and neither are most pharmacies. So, don’t we owe it to ourselves and the sexually active to provide them with something that will prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies? Yes. Will this every become a “thing” in the States? I don’t know, although I hope so.

Does your city have condom dispensers out in the open for everyone to use? If so, did it ever save the day one night in the heat of passion?