Yesterday, we looked at sex and dating tips offered up at, and questioned whether or not it was a good idea to pretend to be into something that you don’t like for the sake of a guy. Well, today, confirms that this is a bad idea — and even advises dudes on the potential downfalls of phony ladies. For instance:

1. Eventually, her phony interest, or “phinterest,” will fade away, leaving both you you annoyed.
2. Phoniness prevents you both from developing a real, healthy interest in each other’s passions.
3. She is your GF, not your beer-guzzling, belching, farting bestie. Eventually, despite her uncannily coincidental passion for your alma mater’s football team, she’ll want you to notice her boobs.

So yes, it appears as though a women’s magazine has been bested by a men’s online magazine in terms of sane relationship advice. Score one for the gents. But Glamour’s not out of the running yet — after all, they’ve been running images of hottie plus-size chicks. Beat that, Maxim!