A few days ago, I wrote about Contiki Tours’ policy of asking participants to identify their dating status as “red light” or “green light” before departing for a trip. The guided tour company evidently didn’t appreciate their policy being made public, because they took the post down from their official website. Luckily, the original page – an AP article about Contiki that the company had posted on their website – is still in Google cache here. (I’ve also posted a screengrab here just in case.) But I’m not offended by Contiki’s attempt to scrub their history. If anything, I’m bummed – I wish they had continued to embrace their party time reputation. If anything, knowing that Contiki is hookup central would probably get them a lot of new customers. John Ortved over at Glamour had the excellent idea of making the traffic light system even more specific, suggesting some of the following options:

Green Light: Available.

Red Light: Available, but playing hard to get.

Yellow Light: I’m available but afraid of commitment.

Blue Light: Go for it. Bring a friend. And a reality TV crew.

Orange Light: This is a weird time in my life. My significant other and I are still in love but cannot be together, so that all I’m really looking for is someone to hold me while I cry.

White Light: I am available but only to those who score perfect on purity tests. And Justin Bieber.

Come to think of it, this system could also work nicely on Facebook. Or as a barometer of whether a Jersey Shore girl is DTF.