Contiki, the hugely popular international group-trip program that enables young people to see the world, has a reputation for being hookup central. Rather than dance around the whole “makeout bus” reputation, Contiki’s website addresses the issue head-on. An Associated Press article about the organization proudly posted on the Contiki website proclaims:

Only travelers between the ages of 18 and 35 can board a Contiki Holidays bus for sightseeing trips geared toward the young and social. Singles are OK, as well as those in relationships, but travelers on many trips must declare “red light” or “green light” status to show their availability for dates.

You know what might make the whole process easier? T-shirts with giant red or green lights on them that you can wear so that everyone can see from a distance whether you’re Roofie-able or not. If you want to travel inexpensively without having to deal with language barriers or transportation and aren’t up for doing it with someone you met two days ago, they might have some loser tours you can go on instead. And what about yellow lights?