Hey, did you guys hear? Cosmo launched a magazine for men, so that they can know what the women of the world think, dream and desire.

Isn’t that convenient?

According to Mashable:

Since [Cosmo Editor-in-Chief Kate] White arrived at the magazine in 1998, she says she has received hundreds of letters and emails from men who confessed that they were stealing their girlfriends’ or their wives’ copies when they weren’t around.

“They said it was like having the other team’s playbook,” she recalls. “And a fair number of those emails said I ought to do something for guys.”

Of course, of course….the other team’s playbook. Maybe I shouldn’t judge, but it’s just that I don’t get down with treating people’s emotions like a game, so I don’t think it’s cool when Cosmo readers do it. And I really don’t think it’s cool when major media outlets encourage it.

But, that’s Cosmo‘s whole deal, and Maxim‘s, and so on. So sally forth, men who read Cosmo, just don’t be surprised when “the other team” tricks you into proposing to them by cooking a chicken or some shit, because that’s the kind of sport you’re signing up to play.