When we asked if you had ever gotten caught having sex, we weren’t trying to, like, make you go do it so you had something to brag about. But we can only assume that that’s how one Florida couple took our innocent query: as a challenge.

Erica Alexandra Huerta, 21 and Steven Douglas Perry, 22, decided to go ahead and bone on a local beach in a town called Treasure Island (treasure, indeed) last night, just before sunset. You know, when the light is still bright and there are plenty of families around to view the proceedings. Apparently they went at it for more than 30 minutes, not stopping for any silly reason like the fact that they were in plain view of restaurants, shops and young children.

They were arrested and bail was set at $10,000 each. Even still, I can’t help but notice that Huerta looks oddly pleased with herself in her mugshot (above left)… [via Gawker]