courtney stodden books

Your cup runneth over today, Courtney Stodden fans. Amidst cheating rumors we’re trying hard to start, the 17-year-old child bride went shopping for books in Venice, CA yesterday, alongside 51-year-old husband Doug Hutchison and her ever-present horrible armlet.

What is so interesting about Stodden buying books, you ask? Well, normally we cover Stodden because she shows up some place dressed inappropriately or appears on television gnashing her teeth and licking her lips like some grizzled Motley Crue roadie. This time, there actually isn’t anything peculiar going on. Nope. She’s just shopping for books.

Stodden once said she didn’t need higher education because husband Doug was “[her] college,” but it’s good to see that marriage hasn’t curbed her love of knowledge.

ED NOTE: The photographer has requested that the pictures be taken down, presumably because they are art, but please go to  the Daily Mail to view them.