If you can believe it, it’s been three years since one Kate Middleton walked down the aisle in that famous dress with Pippa Middleton at her side to marry the world’s most eligible bachelor, Prince William. Because they’re the world’s most fabulous couple, expectations were high when it came to anniversary celebrations. As it happened, they nailed it, and are apparently celebrating their anniversary by staying home and relaxing. My kind of couple.

If going out to a fancy dinner isn’t really your style, we put together a solid 50 other options that are nice alternatives to your standard anniversary fare. As serial anniversary under achievers, we’d be on board for all of these choices.

  1. Couple’s massage. I think it’s like a normal massage but you hold hands between the tables.
  2. Go to an old school arcade and compete for the best skeeball score.
  3. One up an arcade with a barcade and get silly in the photobooth.
  4. If you’re married, drink the wine from your wedding. All of it!
  5. Take the pressure off and order delivery while watching your favorite movie in pajamas.
  6. Recreate the menu served at your wedding/first date and then eat it.
  7. Go for a hike, run, or similar joint physical activity.
  8. Recreate your first date! Bonus points if that means throwing up in a dive bar bathroom and then doing it with your now partner in that same bathroom.
  9. Pick a new city to move to and spend the day planning your fun new life in Austin.
  10. Forget about it entirely.
  11. Mark it on the calendar yet forget about it anyways.
  12. Celebrate a week late with a whole bottle of champagne and the fanciest delivery pizza in your neighborhood.
  13. Play laser tag and show all those preteens who’s boss.
  14. Go overboard making special cocktails to be enjoyed on your porch/patio/fire escape.
  15. Make someone listen to you both tell the the story of how you met.
  16. Cook an extravagant meal together.
  17. If you’re bad cooks, take a cooking class together.
  18. Rent Segways and make goofy faces at each other.
  19. Take a pottery class so you can reenact that scene from Ghost.
  20. Dress up and make a shot for shot remake of the Royal Wedding.
  21. Have sex one time for every year you’ve been together. You might want to slate out an entire weekend.
  22. Pick up some sandwiches and go eat in the park with some books. Just hang out and read.
  23. Write love letters (or post it notes if you’re not the love letter type) and read them next year.
  24. Meet for after work drinks at a fancy cocktail bar. It’s like dinner but without food and more liquor.
  25. Stay up all night together doing whatever the hell you want. Watch the sunrise.
  26. Get tattoos (non matching ones, or matching, if you insist).
  27. Take a ballroom dancing class so you can prove once and for all who’s the clumsiest.
  28. Go to a professional sports game and try to get on the kiss cam (or just cheer on your team).
  29. Have a party at your apartment for your friends and the community that exists around your relationship.
  30. Send flowers to the person who set you two up.
  31. Go to your local body of water and lay in the sun so you’ll get a nice Vitamin D kick.
  32. Take a leisurely walk around your neighborhood.
  33. Go see a movie in the middle of the day. But all the overpriced Raisinettes you want.
  34. Find the first picture taken of the two of you and laugh at your old style choices.
  35. Spend some time talking about the future you want together and dreaming of lofty goals.
  36. Go to See’s Candy and ask to sample all the truffles.
  37. Try out yoga. You’ll feel all blissed out for the rest of the day.
  38. Go wine tasting and buy some bottles for next year.
  39. Go out for brunch–it’s way more fun than a fancy dinner.
  40. Peruse a bookstore for as long as you want.
  41. Go parking.
  42. Stay in bed all day.
  43. Take a trip to the nearest antique store and buy each other weird presents.
  44. Take a trip to the nearest taxidermy retailer and buy each other weirder presents.
  45. Take a taxidermy class and really get into it with the weird presents.
  46. Buy all the cheese you want from your local cheese shop and eat it with baguette like a goddamn Frenchman.
  47. Thank your partner for putting up with you.
  48. Take a shower together.
  49. Hold hands as much as possible.
  50. Procreate.

Photo: Paul Gilham/Getty Images