Aristocats How Romantic

The ridiculously adorable promposals (or #promposals) that have recently been popping up on social media sites are making me rethink my entire senior year of high school. If you’re unfamiliar with what a promposal even is, that’s because it’s a made-up word that basically describes the very extravagant ways that some people ask other some peoples to prom. And apparently high school students have gotten more thoughtful by leaps and bounds since I’ve graduated because no one I know was promposed to. But I bet that, like me, they now wish they could go back in time to high school and stage their very own promposals. I KNOW, that’s a bizarre idea because even people who kind of enjoyed those four years probably still don’t ever want to go back. And maybe it’s the illusion of happiness created by handy filters, but these almost make you want to.

Just for comparison, my prom date and I decided that we were going to accompany one another like you would decide that you want a burrito for lunch. So it’s safe to say that these kids are putting my shruggreement (I’m trademarking that as we speak) with my date to shame.

For example, you’ve got your creative rock-climbing-themed promposal.

Rock Climbing Promposal

(Photo: Instagram)

Or how about the use of a team or real-life firefighters to help you out in asking your guy or gal for their hand in promtrimony?

Firefighter Promposal

(Photo: Instagram)

Or why not just go all out and organize an entire drum line to convince someone to be your date?

Drum Line Promposal

(Photo: Instagram)

And that’s not even the half of it! I know that it’s not good to dwell in the past, which is why I’m instead choosing to live vicariously through these current high schoolers’ sweet promposals. And I hope that the kid who is currently calling in friend favors or suffering from hot glue gun-related finger burns in the name of making someone feel special with a cute promposal gets a hearty yes.

(GIF: Tumblr)