Did you know that a phenomenon exists in which men who are about to become fathers have parties that are like bachelor parties, but instead they’re cleverly titled “dadchelor” parties?

Get it? Dad-chelor?

The trend is explored in depth over at the Huffington Post, in which writer Katherine Bindley interviews men about their pre-dad tomfoolery:

“Neil Kennedy, 29, who works in sales and is also from Chicago, recently returned from a dadchelor party in Milwaukee. He described the event as a “farewell from the inner circle.”

The group went to a Brewers game, several bars, and then to a casino and eventually closed out the night at a late night gyro joint where the dad-to-be bumped elbows with the rapper Lil Jon (his hands were full of gyros).

Later, back at the hotel, one drunk member of the group jumped on the hotel lobby desk and imitated Greenbay Packers player Aaron Rodgers after he scores a touchdown.

“It completely freaked out the receptionist,” Kennedy said.”

Gettin’ wild!

Anyway, the whole thing is sort of amusing and adorable, and while this topic isn’t addressed in the article, allow me to assure you that it becomes more amusing as the men age. The guys in this article are mostly between 28 and 30, and they already sound old. Describing one group of friends’ antics, Findley writes:

The men are in their late 20s, but still took advantage of the dawning of Spring Break season in nearby Cancun and hit up some clubs. Back at their hotel, they stormed the stage at a Michael Jackson look-alike contest.

I guess the only thing that’s irritating about this is how unfair it is that women can’t have momchelorette parties. First of all, that name sounds stupid. Second of all, what are you going to do, haul your pregnant ass to Vegas and sip on gigantic virgin daquiris all night while your friends get naked and dance with strippers and all you can do is think with complete clarity about how you’ve sacrificed your youth, your body and now, your freedom in order to bring this asshole of a new life into the world?